Imagine Being Your Best Most Authentic Self

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We are working with the idea of Being Your Authentic SELF Impacts for the Good Every Area of Your Life!!! We have named these Your Restore Matrix

Your Spiritual Life
Your Mental Life
Your Physical Life
Your Relational Life


Your Authentic Self Course has 149 Lessons, in 6 modules

For this Special promotion today we would like you to have the entire six modules for 
In addition to this we want you to receive the ten plus videos of our Master Mind on Becoming Your Authentic Self. These individuals are real and they have real conversations. 
Next, we are giving to you our special planner, 18 month planner, in pdf form. 
And for the Business Person in you we are giving you one free $250.00 Coaching Session with Master Coaches Dr. Dennis L. Waters, Sr. and/or Dr. Vielka C. Waters, or one of their specially trained coaches 

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All of these items would normally cost over one thousand dollars. Having two executive coaches both with terminal degrees and years of experiences alone would be over $500.00 per hour.  I know because I hired such a coach. In the days of A. I. it may become even more rare to speak to a human, even a coach. But for now we are providing you with the course and the videos of a master mind, having real discussions, about real life matters, and these sessions for the low cost of $297.00 one time payment. If you need a payment plan of three or six months, this can be arranged as well. 

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This product is guaranteed to be just what you need, so if you find you are clear on your goals and objectives to become your best self, we will replace this item with one orientation meeting and one additional meeting to discuss how you can move forward to become your Authentic SELF. 

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